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Testimonial 1

I spent my whole life hiding my smile from the world because I was unhappy with the appearance of my teeth. I love pictures and I always stayed behind the camera capturing everyone else and avoiding the attention. I take joy in taking family pictures and everyone around me had perfect teeth and it made me self-conscious. When I first came to Dr. Pessin he made me feel hopeful and took his time explaining to me what I could do to make my smile beautiful. He was enthusiastic and accommodating. My first visit was enough to have me convinced that he was the dentist for me. After carefully considering a treatment plan that worked for me, Dr. Pessin and his staff worked with me to begin the process. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with; they made me feel comfortable and helped me work through my fears. Now, months later, I couldn’t be happier. Now I enjoy being in pictures almost as much as I enjoy taking them. I had such a positive experience with Dr. Pessin and was satisfied every step of the way. - RTJ

Testimonial 2

For as long as I can remember, everyone in my family stayed away from me while I was sleeping. They would say that I snored so loud that it drove them crazy. I tried close to everything to get help. I had surgery to reconstruct my throat and had my uvula removed to help prevent snoring. Unfortunately, after all the pain and recovery, I found my surgery was unsuccessful and I was snoring just as much as before. I felt hopeless, my wife wouldn’t even stay in the room with me, and she said I kept her up all night with the sounds of my snoring. I felt alone; I felt that nothing would be able to help me. I was embarrassed to ask for more help after my unsuccessful surgery but I knew something needed to be done. When I saw Dr. Pessin’s advertisement, I felt compelled to call and get more information. I was blown away by his knowledge, empathy and kindness. He immediately developed a treatment plan that was both beneficial and affordable for me. We tried multiple methods to help eliminate the snoring, and he tried until we found a way that worked. I am so pleased with my results; my family no longer runs away from me when I fall asleep. I am so thankful for all that Dr. Pessin and his staff did for me. - MJ

Testimonial 3

I spent 4 years of adolescence in braces; thank god they were off before my senior year of high school. After my teeth looked perfect, I didn’t really see the point in wearing my retainers. Well, that was a mistake because my teeth shifted. Now that I am in my mid 20’s, I noticed the shifting more and more and it was beginning to become bothersome. When Dr. Pessin and his wonderful staff introduced me to Six Month Smiles, I was so excited to get started. 6 quick months of barley visible braces and I would have my perfect teeth again, what could be better than that? With every visit, I felt the commitment from the Doctor and Staff to make me feel comfortable and with each passing month I saw improvements. I was so pleased with the service I received and so grateful for my beautiful smile. - AF

Testimonial 4

For years I pushed off doing my dental work. I had been told that I needed a lot of work but I just couldn't bear the idea of going for more than 20 dental visits. Then I saw Dr. Pessin's ad. After meeting with Dr. Pessin and his wonderful staff I decided to try dental sedation. In one day Dr. Pessin removed 4 wisdom teeth, did 6 root canals and numerous other fillings. The best thing is I didn't feel a thing and I went to work the next day! I definitely would recommend sedation to everyone who hates going to the dentist - JL

Testimonial 5

From the time I was 20 years old I felt that I couldn’t smile or laugh. I had very low self-esteem and I grew shy and not talkative, but I was too afraid to go to the dentist. Then I met Dr. Pessin. On the first visit he assured me that he could give me the teeth that I had always hoped for and that I wouldn’t feel any pain. On the morning of the procedure I came to his office at 9:00am and by 1pm I was already home with my Hollywood smile. He did it all in one day without any pain! I am incredibly happy! Dr. Pessin is like a magician with golden hands.
-  BL

Testimonial 6

You explained everything in detail and you were very reassuring. You were right! I slept like a baby the night before and the best part (still unbelievable to me) was that I experienced no pain afterwards. Thank you! - LF

Testimonial 7

I was always very self-conscious of my smile, but I was afraid to take any steps to correct it. My experience with Dr. Pessin has left me beyond words. I never thought it would be so easy and pain free. I can't believe the confidence it has brought me, I am not afraid to smile now! I am still shocked when a stranger comes over to ask me about my teeth. It makes me feel so good. - DM